This is a blog for the Transnational Composition Standing Group at the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). Facilitated by a group of Cs members who also maintain a Facebook group and a Twitter account, it serves as a platform for transnational writing scholars and teachers to explore ideas, integrate media, and create resources that can be useful for the future. It will feature regular blog posts–stories, reflections, essays, and interactive threads around questions and issues associated with transnational writing. A separate section of the blog will curate resources relevant to transnational writing, and publish or promote already existing resources that help the community learn about teaching, scholarship, and other activities in different contexts/countries. Therefore, we invite you all to contribute blog posts, share resources, and interact productively with scholars and teachers from around the world in this platform.

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  1. Julia Kiernan says:

    I was recently asked this question by a colleague: Has there been a lot of translingual work yet in relationship to audience for writers?

    Please post any suggested readings.

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  2. SamSarma says:

    That’s a great question. Personally, I’m not sure if audience per se has been addressed in the scholarship, but I think this an important issue because if our students fail at engaging audiences with their translingual skills, we haven’t succeeded. Let’s hope resources here and elsewhere will address needs/questions like this.


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