CCCC 2018: Call for Proposals

As a Conference on College Composition and Communication standing group, the Transnational Composition Group is guaranteed a sponsored panel at the conference each year (subject to the Program Chair’s approval). For our sponsored panel at CCCC 2018, we are inviting full panel proposals (rather than individual submissions) that address the labor, struggle, threat, possibility and necessity of researching, teaching, and learning literacies across spatial, cultural, linguistic, and modal borders.

We are interested in featuring presentations that engage issues of equity and reciprocity in transnational work; offer strategies for working against and around political, cultural, and economic barriers; and/or explore ways in which forms of writing instruction, beliefs about writing, and literacy practices encouraged in one locale do, and might ideally, interpenetrate writing instruction, study, and literacy work in other locales.

If you have a panel idea but need collaborators, we encourage you to use the Transnational Writing Facebook  Group, the TransnationalWriting listserv (, or the TCG membership roster to invite others to participate. Please follow CCCC proposal guidelines regarding length and format of panel proposals.

Proposal submission timeline:

  • Monday, April 24: Proposals due to the TCG by midnight (email to
    Proposals will be reviewed by TCG officers.
  • Monday, May 1. Notifications about decisions regarding proposals sent. Panelists not selected can submit their proposals through the standard review process.
  • Tuesday, May 9, 5pm EST. CCCC proposal deadline. TCG officers will collaborate with sponsored panel members to submit the proposal.

The 2018 CCCC Annual Convention will be held March 14-17 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Please contact Brice Nordquist, TCG Chair, with questions or concerns:

We hope you will consider joining us for a vibrant transnational exchange at CCCC 2018.
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